About Us  

In 1994 an Everett elementary school educator saw a growing need for health care access for Everett's children.  Through her efforts and those of Everett's Board of Health, a group of concerned educators, school administrators, hospital administra- tors, civic and government leaders, health care professionals, Health Care for All staff and parents gathered together to form the Joint Committee for Children's Health Care in Everett.  The Committee is a true partnership.  It is unique partnership and commitment that has helped hundreds of Everett's children gain access to health care insurance coverage and become more aware of health issues affecting them.  The Committee has also served as a model of Everett's spirit, cooperation and leadership.

Executive Board


President:  Jacqueline Coogan, B.S., M.Ed., President and founder of the JCCHCE, Everett educator for 37 years.


Vice President:  Peter Masucci, M.D.  37 years Everett pediatrician, affiliated with Children's Hospital.


Secretary: Marica Arvanites, Ph.D., Director of Community Partnership Program, Everett Public Schools.


Treasurer:  Ann Tobin, B.S., MAT in Public Health, J.D., Retired coordinator of Health Education, Everett Public Schools

O U R   S T A F F  


Rita Espinoza ~ Outreach Coordinator & Parent Liaison

The Outreach Coordinator & Parent Liaison is a key member of the Joint Committee who serves as a link between the JCCHCE, the parents, and the community.  Through this parent liaison, parents in Everett and surrounding communites are provided with information on state and federal insurance programs, as well as health resources in Everett and throughout the region.  For information please call Rita, our Parent Liaison, who is also fluent in Spanish at 617-394-2414

Sandra Martin1

Sandra Martins ~ Bi-Lingual Outreach Specialist

Sandra is fluent in Portuguese and is located at the JCCHCE office to assist the Portuguese speaking population in obtaining access to health insurance.  You will find Sandra in the office Mondays form 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and all day on Wednesdays.


Nicole Graffam ~ Office Manager 

Our office manager, Nicole, works to fulfill the mission of the JCCHCE by assisting the President of the organization in carrying out the daily office duties.  She also assist in the parenting and family education and awareness events. 

Lucy Renau - Youth Teen Specialist  

Our Youth & Teen Specialist will be working with our KUBS (Kids United By Service) which is a community service group that meets twice a month
to help the teens build their skills, spread awareness to their community about upcoming events. 


Maureen Barstow ~ Information Data Specialist and Webmaster

Our data information specialist assist the JCCHCE and especially the Outreach Coordinator in case managing the families and individuals that obtain MassHealth health insurance/benefits through the JCCHCE.  Maureen also maintains the JCCHCE website.

Volunteer Health Advocates
Sister Elisete Signor, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English speaking health advocate at the Scalabrini Center,  58 Oak St. Everett.
Lara Miskao, Portuguese and English speaking health advocate at the Scalabrini Center and at the JCCHCE office in City Hall.
Monica Ulysse, Haitian, French, English speaking health advocate.

Office Volunteers


Donna Dyer


Joanne Agnes

In an effort to gain valuable input from Everett's parents, the Joint Committee formed a parent advisory council in the spring of 1997.  The Council, known as the K.U.B.A. (Kids United By Awareness) develops awareness campaigns and organizes fund raisers, and serves as the Joint Committee's link to the parents of public and private school-age children.  New community members are always welcomed.


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KUBS (Kids United By Service) are teenagers, ages 12 to 18 who volunteer and assist with the mission and goals of the Joint Committee for Children's Health Care in Everett.  These students have the opportunity to learn about current health and health care issues that directly affect them.  Through this knowledge they have the ability to become community leaders advocating for positive youth and teen health initiatives.  The JCCHCE awards community-service hours, as a graduation requirement, for all of their volunteer services. New community youth and teens are always welcomed.

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