Programs, Projects and The Affordable Care Act

MassHealth Application Training Workshops
*** Call for our schedule of the next round of classes.*** 
Pilot program - Began Spring 2012.   The public, who participate, will learn how to access their own health insurance.                                    
They will also learn how to determine their health insurance status.  
They will obtain information that will help them to manage their insurance health care access.
Training in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian/Creole

ACA ~ The Affordable Care Act
Workshops are planned for the general public on the changes that are coming beginning the Fall of 2013.  Information about these workshops are found in the flyers below in four languages.
   ~ English 
   ~ Spanish 
   ~ Portuguese
   ~ Haitian/Creole

Parent University  -- Held every Spring  

An annual event that is sponsored by the JCCHCE that offers parents, educators and community members an opportunity to attend workshops that addresses physical, emotional and behavioral health issues for the well-being of all. Parent University workshops -- over 30 choices were offered last March.
Mini Parent University - A smaller version of the Parent University held every Fall.

Youth and Teen Programs - KUBS

KUBS is a teen community service group for grades 7-12. We focus on topics such as teen health issues, leadership and community development. Your involvement will earn you community service hours, we have many events that we need your help !    If you would like to JOIN, please contact Nicole Graffam at 617-394-2414 or e-mail or come to Everett City Hall, 484 Broadway, 2nd. floor, Room 27.

Walking School Bus -- Brochure Pg. 1 and 2

The Walking School Bus, originally coordinated by the Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare in Everett, Energize Everett, and the Everett Public Schools in 2010, provides a safe way for children and parents in the community to walk to school together. It teaches public safety measures while encouraging physical activity to our City’s youth.

Parent Advisory Group -- KUBA  
In an effort to gain valuable input from Everett's parents, the Joint Committee formed a parent advisory council in the spring of 1997.  The Council, known as K.U.B.A. (Kids United By Awareness) developes awareness, campaigns and organizes fund raisers.  KUBA serves as the Joint Committee's link to the parents of public and private school-age children.

Fundraising and Grants

We are now one of 10 organizations selected to be a Navigator for the new Affordable Care Act which begins January 1, 2014.  The JCCHCE is a not-for profit organization, and relies totally on state, federal and private grants as well as it’s fundraising efforts. The JCCHCE works closely with local government, Everett Public Schools, health care providers, service and civic organizations and parents and families. The Joint Committee for Children’s Healthcare in Everett began 1994, and for more than a decade the organization primarily focused on helping Everett families gain access to affordable healthcare. In the last 19 years the JCCHCE has helped over 20,000 people access affordable quality health care. In addition, over these years the organization has also sponsored multi-lingual outreach events, community wide health and safety programs and activities, Parent University, workshop series designed to help parents and children and most recently Parent Forum, a parent support group.

 Communications and Marketing

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