Board of Directors and Staff

In 1994 an Everett elementary school educator saw a growing need for health care access for Everett’s children. Through her efforts and those of Everett’s Board of Health, a group of concerned educators, school administrators, hospital administrators, civic and government leaders, health care professionals, Health Care for All staff and parents gathered together to form the Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett. The Committee is a true partnership. It’s unique partnership and commitment has helped hundreds of Everett’s children gain access to health care insurance coverage and become more aware of health issues affecting them. The Committee has also served as a model of Everett’s spirit, cooperation and leadership. Today the JCCHCE has helped people from over 80 communities in Massachusetts gain access to affordable health coverage.


PRESIDENT – Michael Nicastro

Attended Boston University, graduated from UMass/Boston, BS Management.
Spent the last 40 years in Health Care. 
The last position held was Director of Community Outreach for a large Neighborhood Health Center.
Currently President  of “For Kids Only Afterschool”
Treasurer, East Boston Community Council, ( Largest Latino Agency in East Boston)
Past President, Revere Chamber of Commerce
Past Board Member, Winthrop Chamber of Commerce
Past Board Member, East Boston Chamber of Commerce
Recipient, “ Community Hero Award “, Action for Boston Community Development
Recipient, “ Prosperity Award” East Boston Chamber of Commerce 

TREASURER – Jackie M. Coogan, former President and Founder of the JCCHCE

Currently, she is the Board Treasurer for the JCCHCE. She brings 37 years of experience in the Everett Public Schools, as a classroom teacher and elementary School Counselor. Currently, an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Bunker Hill Community College, Jackie holds a bachelor’s degree from Salem State University ’70 and a Master’s in Education from Suffolk University ’77.

Ms. Coogan also serves on the Board of Directors of Health Care for All (2000 to present), the leading consumer health advocacy organization in Massachusetts, which played a key role in developing the policy initiatives that led to passage and implementation of the Chapter 58 health reform law in April of 2006. In 2012, she was invited to the Massachusetts PTA Board of Directors as their State-wide Health, Safety and Wellness Chair.

 Jackie has been honored for her work in health care, children and families many times and most notable by:

  • Health Care For All, Boston, MA. June 19,1998 For The People, Against the Tide, “For her leadership and commitment to securing health care access for the children of Everett and surrounding communities in Massachusetts”
  • Salem State College, 2002 – Outstanding Educator of the Year
  • Massachusetts Teachers Association Human and Civil Rights Award for Creative Leadership, May 2009
  • Massachusetts PTA Commitment to Children Award, 2012

Marica Arvanites

Marica Arvanites has been a member of the Joint Committee Board for many years. She graduated from Boston University School of Education with a BS Degree in Elementary Education, an Ed.M. Degree in Reading, and an Ed.D.; Degree in Reading and Language. Marica Arvanites is a retired educator from the Everett Public School System and a retired adjunct professor from Salem State University.  

Mark Block, BA, MA, ABD

Retire Sped. Coordinator / Mental Health Coordinator, Everett Public Schools
Clinical Coordinator, Boston Public Schools
636 Coordinator, Cambridge College
Program Director, DARE Inc.
VISTA Volunteer

Dr. Richard Incerto

The JCCHCE is pleased to have Dr. Richard Incerto join us as a member of the Board of Directors.
Dick Incerto was the first director of CAPIC and offices were in Chelsea and Revere.  CAPIC provides a range of anti-poverty human services for Revere, Chelsea and Winthrop – from Head Start to Fuel Assistance to Wrap Around Services for the Opiate Epidemic.

Bob Marra, Cambridge Health Alliance, Committee for Jobs Not Jails

Bob as director of ECHP and a partner of the Joint Committee has been nothing less than profound. He has always been there working diligently for the Joint Committee and its mission. He is always helping us to think outside the box and moving us to a successful and confident position. His firm belief that every voice counts, young and old, is extordinary. He truly demonstrates and reflects the great preacher and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, that all children will grow up and live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of there skin but, by the content of their character.

Kevin O’Donnell, Mayor DeMaria’s Chief of Staff, City of Everett

Kevin O’Donnell is a graduate of Western New England College, where he secured a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement.  He also holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College, a Law Degree from Massachusetts School of Law, and Certifications from Harvard University in Driving Government Performance Program and Boston University in Senior Level Management. 

O’Donnell was hired by Mayor DeMaria in March 2015 as the Director of Human Resources. In November of 2015, he was elevated to the Mayor’s Chief of Staff. O’Donnell joined the City with over 25 years experience in Human Resources, administration, and organizational policies and procedures. Before coming to the City, he worked for Merrimack College, holding the title of ADA Academic & Community Liaison/ Compliance Officer.

O’Donnell was born and raised in Everett.

Aiesha Washington, Deputy Director Legislative Affairs, ABCD Boston

Managing a large field team, implementing change and turning the department from education to business development. Responsible for cross-departmental projects – close collaboration with marketing & sales. 


NICOLE GRAFFAM – Executive Director

Nicole began work with the Joint Committee March 2010 as an office intern, helping with all aspects of the organization’s work. By virtue of her enthusiastic, efficient, accurate work and capacity for learning on her feet, she was promoted to her current position.

Anna Fabrizio – Administrative Assistant

Anna joined us as an administrative assistant at the JCCHCE. We are fortunate to have her to assist our clients.

SANDRA MARTINS, R.N. – Tri-Lingual Outreach Specialist

Sandra began work with the Joint Committee January 2010.She also works full-time as a nurse at the Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home. A native of Brazil and a U. S. citizen, she is tri-lingual in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Samia Bennett – Outreach Coordinator

Samia joined us as an Outreach Coordinator at the JCCHCE.

MIRIAN ANDRADE – Outreach Specialist

Mirian began working with the Joint Committee in October 2013. She is responsible for working with Sr. Elisete to conduct outreach to the Portuguese and Spanish speaking community of Everett and its surrounding communities. Mirian is tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

MARILEIA COSTA – Outreach Specialist

Marileia joined us as an administrative assistant at the JCCHCE.

ELIANA DRUMOND – Outreach Specialist

Eliana joined us in 2017 as an administrative assistant at the JCCHCE.

JOSEE GENTY – Outreach Specialist

Josee joined us as a Volunteer who speaks Haitian/Creole. She is a Certified Navigator and a Community representative.

MONICA ULYSSE – Outreach Specialist, ACA Navigator

Monica works primarily with the Haitian Community. She joined the Joint Committee at the time as a Volunteer Health Advisor in 2007. She has worked as a Certified Nurse’s Aide for over 10 years. She is an incredible resource for the Haitian community in particular and Everett community in general.

Sr. ELISETE SIGNOR – Health Advisor, Scalabrini Center

Sister Elisete works primarily with the Portuguese and Latino Communities. She joined the Joint Committee as a Volunteer Health Advisor in 2006. She has worked at St. Anthony’s parish in Everett and the Scalabrini Center since 2000. Sr. Elisete speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian and is an ACA Navigator.

CLARETE MINE – Client Assistance, Scalabrini Center

Clarete works with Sr. Elisete Signor at the Scalabrini Center in assisting clients whose first language is Portuguese and are in need of health care for themselves or their families.

GAYLE BARSTOW – Database Assistant Manager

Gayle joined our staff in 2013. She processes, maintains and tracks all enrollment records and documentation in the database. She assists with the research and follows-up on questions and concerns related to enrollments. She also assists with the preparation of all reports. Our assistant data specialist also works to track our clients in case management and to assure our data is accurate in all areas of reporting to the Massachusetts Connector and our grantors.

MAUREEN BARSTOW – Database Manager

Maureen joined the JCCHCE in 2006 and is responsible for all documentation of outreach and enrollment activities in the computerized database, as well as follow-up outreach to new and renewing applicants for health insurance through the Massachusetts Connector. She has 34 years of experience in education as a business and computer education teacher.

Office Volunteers

KUBA, In an effort to gain valuable input from Everett’s parents, the Joint Committee formed a parent advisory council in the spring of 1997. The Council, known as the K.U.B.A. (Kids United By Awareness) develops awareness campaigns, organizes fund raisers, and serves as the Joint Committee’s link to the parents of public and private school-age children. New community members are always welcomed.