Our Featured Stories

Journey to Citizenship

On November 18th, our Navigator Monica Ulysse, attended a citizenship ceremony with Marie Gabrielle Gattereau Claude, a client of ours who has been coming to our office for years to get assistance. After going through Marie’s documents, while renewing her application, Monica noticed that Marie’s green card was expired. Marie told Monica that she would love to become a citizen, but couldn’t afford the process, and also didn’t know how to do it.

Monica did her research and found out that, because Marie had Masshealth, she was eligible to get her citizenship process for free. Monica filled up all the papers, drove Marie to the interviews, and assisted her during the whole process. After receiving her certificate, Marie thank Monica and said how excited she was to be able to vote for the first time in her life, as she never was able to do it in Haiti, or during the 30 year she has been living in the USA. 

Even though we work mainly with health insurance, our organization always finds a way to assist our clients by referring them to one of our partners or taking action with our own hands.

THANK YOU MONICA for your effort and willingness on helping Marie during this process, and CONGRATULATIONS MARIE!